What’s the story behind the name?

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Have you ever wondered what the story is behind a particular business name? I know I have. This post is all about the story behind this business name: Inspire Design Co.

Twists and Turns + a few bunny trails: There were a few twists and turns and definitely some moments when I wished I could start over again. See, I’m not naturally given to thinking ahead of the curve. I tend to live life, taking things as they come, instead of intentionally avoiding problems. It’s one of those personality traits that has gotten me into trouble more than once!

Anyways, back to the story behind choosing a business name. . . Let’s be very clear, there are so many options for business names, so many in fact, that choosing just one can be a bit of a problem.

First, I chose the name ‘Focus Design’ and began with a logo design. Now this is where I did things backwards. . . After the logo design, I did research to see if the name was available. It was, but somehow the name just didn’t feel right. Focus can seem like a harsh word, sharp, not friendly or welcoming. So I scrapped that plan and started over.

The search: I did a lot of word searches for synonyms of what I was looking for, then combed though all of the options, considering each one and deeming most of them totally unfit for what I was looking for. I wanted my business, design, and customer service to be fresh, welcoming, and inviting. The word Inspire fit that for me. The name wasn’t taken, I could buy a domain with the name and so I jumped for it.

The rest of the name ‘Design Co.’ took a bit of mental power to come up with. Whatever it was going to be needed to flow, it needed to feel like a creative business, be timeless, so that I don’t get some hair-brained notion to change it in a year, and it needed to be me. //And just now, Inspire Creative sounds pretty good.// See I have commitment issues with these things! Back to the subject at hand, Inspire Design Co. flowed really well for me and I felt like I could build a brand around that name. My goal is that each of my designs reflect the word, Inspire. I want the designs I produce to inspire others to creativity. 

This all sounds easy, as I type this, but it really was hard. There were literally 5 or more business name options that I had on the table and was considering. Some of them I didn’t like the feeling of the word/s, some of them didn’t translate well into a logo, and some weren’t usable because someone else had dibs on it.

If you are starting a business and trying to choose a name, take heart. You will find something that is you and reflects well on what you do. I understand and sympathize with the place you’re at. Don’t do it alone, there are people out there, including myself, who are equipped to help you choose a business name and then build a brand around it to reach your ideal clients and build a successful business.

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