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Direct mail is an under-utilized marketing avenue. As companies move more & more toward digital marketing, traditional marketing tends to take a back seat even though some of these methods can yield strong results.

 There are fewer and fewer companies utilizing direct mail, which leaves that avenue wide open to make a stronger impact as there is less competition. In today’s digital age, many experience fatigue from being bombarded with ads from every direction online. It seems no matter which way we (those of us who are online) turn, we are blasted with ads from every angle. The mail is one place where there isn’t as much fatigue from advertisements because we don’t see as many. As a result, your direct mail piece has a higher probability of being seen and acted upon.

 We follow the five rules below when producing your direct mail piece. These items are absolute musts to increase the probability of seeing results:

1.  An eye-catching design. Peaking the recipient’s interest is top priority as mail pieces have the tendency of ending up in the trash without a second thought. We want to minimize that so your message is seen.

2.  Along with the first point, a clear header that grabs the recipient’s attention. A few questions we ask when creating the header: Is it clear? Does it touch on a felt need? Is it the very first thing that someone will see and pay attention to? Does it entice them to show additional interest?

3.  Using clear hierarchy in the design is also key to making sure that the recipient’s eye is led from the header to the next important item/s.

4.  Use images and craft a design that produces feelings in the recipient. The images must be relevant to the message, and the design must add interest.

5.  Use a clear call to action. What do you want the recipient to do after they’ve read your mail piece? Make sure this is clear and noticeable!


There are multiple methods to mail your direct mail piece. Three of them are using EDDM (every door direct mail), purchasing a mailing list using specific parameters, and using your existing list.

  • EDDM is a service provided through the postal service. Through this method, you can select specific zip codes or mail routes that your direct mail piece will be delivered to. This method works well when you know that a large portion of your target audience is in a specific area.

  • Purchasing a mailing list using specific parameters is beneficial when targeting a specific demographic. The ability to dial in who receives your direct mail piece is pretty astounding. A few of the parameters we are able to set: specific industry and subsets of that industry, yearly income amount, interests (hunting, reading, home decor). To name a few), homeowners, renters, members in a household, and so much more. This method is the one we recommend most frequently because of the ability to produce a list that is most likely to produce results.

  • There are times when a client of ours already has a list from past customers/clients. These lists are also highly effective because the company already has interacted (hopefully positively) with the recipient and there is already a level of trust that has been built.


Below is a mailer we designed, printed, & mailed that was helpful in producing results for a spring sale our client was running.



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This was our client’s feedback on this project: “I was pleased with the mailer. The turnout and response were excellent. We had a lot of people show up for the sale, and most of them from the mailer. I was surprised how many people came in with the mailer. The postcards hit the mailboxes exactly when we wanted them to.”

We would be thrilled to work with you on your next direct mail piece. Contact us to get started!


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