The Secret to Adding Real Value Through Marketing

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Have you ever attended a webinar and left feeling like you wasted your time? I know I have, more than once. I’ve come to end and felt like I didn’t learn anything actionable. There wasn’t enough concrete information to truly put what they promised to good use.

We live in a time where the online space is crowded with a myriad of voices. Everyone is trying to make a mark on their world. There are very few people in the online space that offer true value to their following. Much of the “value” is skin deep leaving many feeling empty, cheated, searching for more.

What if you and your company were to step in the gap and offer real value without expecting anything in return? What if you would selflessly give your wisdom to help your customers along in their journey? What if you would give so much that your following would become loyal, raving fans?

Let’s get started!


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Do some good old-fashioned research. Find out what your target audience’s problems are and provide generous solutions. There are many tools out there to help you discover what your target customer’s needs are in relation to what you offer. Two of the tools we use are and Google Ads Keyword Planner.
Survey your audience and use those responses to provide solutions.
The goal here is to be known for your solution to a specific problem or set of problems. People will remember you by the problem you solve more quickly than anything else.
Give, give, give. Give above and beyond what is expected. If you are providing a tip, be specific. Use language that is easy to understand. It’s easy to feel like we hold the keys to our kingdom (er, business) and we will make absolutely certain that no one can steal them. There’s fear associated with that. Overcome the fear, be wise in what you share, and be generous. What you are doing has already been done at some point and much of what you’ve learned can be attributed to someone else.
This giving generously is a posture of approaching someone with open hands. You’re welcoming them to you and offering valuable help.
Here’s a story to illustrate this point: We were meeting with a client of ours and the conversation turned to a person and the company he is associated with. This particular person gives away a ton of free information that’s helpful to both customers and non-customers. Our client mentioned that if he ever moved to the area this company was located that this would be the first place he would go for those particular services. This company is top of mind for our client.
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Anticipate your audience’s needs. Many people have felt needs that they are unable to verbalize. It’s our job to dig in and find those needs. When we do this effectively, our customers/clients will feel so heard and valued.
Put a lot of thought into the questions you ask your audience and read between the lines. This is a skill that tends to rely heavily on gut feelings.
For instance, we met with a client the other week who was in need of a logo design. At the end of the meeting, we went over a number of the services we offer and she said that she didn’t think she needed any of them. After a bit we circled around again, offering one service that we know is necessary for the specific industry her business is in and she was excited about the possibility of us helping her with that. Understanding the industry, is key in knowing what your customer’s problems are and how you can offer solutions to those problems, even before they realize they have them.
There’s nothing like someone offering a solution to your problems. It brings delight and excitement. It takes a load off their shoulders. It gives them courage to keep going.
Your marketing is multi-faceted but this one method can be used in every single facet. Instead of rushing through a marketing project, just to get it off your list, block out time to research and plan. It will take time and effort, but if you push through you will see results.
The results of adding exceptional value to your target audience? A loyal following. People who, when they think of your company, feel positivity. When they have a problem that you can solve, you’ll be the first person they contact. They want to work with you, because if you give generously to strangers, how much more will you give to customers/clients.
The thing is many people give up offering exceptional value before they ever see results, because truly this method is playing the long game. You will not see results right away. In fact, it may take quite some time. So know, if you can stick it out for the long term, you’ll outpace your competition. As you grow, continue to learn about your customer and continue to offer value that is generous.

Adding Real Value Is So Important!

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