The Importance of Mindset

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It is the key to the success of your live, whether in business or personally. It affects the decisions you make and your responses to circumstances. It is often based upon your life experience and the lens through which you view life. Do you see why your mindset is so important?

Let’s get personal: I’ve been working on my mindset a lot lately. I realized that I wasn’t at a good place, seeing much of my life through the mindset of negativity/famine. I really wasn’t enjoying life because I was sitting around wishing for things I didn’t have at the moment instead of gratefulness for what I did have. I saw the problem and asked for help. This in turn has changed my mindset and the way I view life.

There will always be negative things to pick out about life, but if you dwell on the lack, “I wish,” “I should have” etc. You will quickly develop a famine mindset. A famine mindset has you focusing on the lack in your life and in turn shuts you down. You no longer give freely of your time and resouces and rob others of the beauty you were created to SHARE. You become very inward focused. When you enter a famine mindset you become like a flower that goes from being open and sharing it’s beauty to closing into a tight bud, hoarding its beauty and keeping it all to itself.

On the flip side, there will always be positive things to focus on in life. There will be times I know all too well when life is so tough that finding the positive and dwelling on it is really tough. But the dwelling on the positive is where its at. Dwelling on gratitude and the blessings you do have changes your mindset from famine to abundance. How can you make the change? It takes one (often) small step at a time.

1. Take time each day to think about your blessings and the things you’re grateful for. Write them down. Putting thoughts to paper is beneficial for a number of reasons: it helps you to remember, to take action on your thoughts, and when the negativity creeps in you are able to go back and read what you were grateful for. It will remind you and bring you back. In this way new thinking habits are formed and as time goes on the easier it will become to be grateful.

2. Choose joy. Choose joy when life gets tough. Choose joy even when it seems impossible.

3. Address some of the reasons that placed you into a famine mindset in the first place. Often those things are stopping you from taking those first steps to change. Are you facing fear? Fear of failing, fear of being judged? What about fear of being taken advantage of? What about the belief that you don’t deserve good things?

In order to make lasting change in your mindset you must address these things because they will hold you back.

When we think about living in abundance, we tend to immediately think of money. But it’s more than that. It’s about living with an open hand to others, giving generously of your time and energy. Giving because you know you will have enough. It’s like that flower I reference earlier except it stays open, sharing of it’s beauty.

This is the mindset that our heavenly Father longs for you to live in. He is a God of abundance. He gives without reserve. Can we not do the same?

This is something I am very much on a journey with. I am learning and make mistakes just like the next person.

Go out and share your beauty with others. You weren’t meant to keep it to yourself!

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