Four things I did when life was getting me down

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A few weeks ago, life was getting me down. Really down!

Stressors both at work and in my personal life caused my adrenals to act out again, meaning poor quality of sleep, which translated into poor quality of my waking hours. I was tired, irritable, and depressed. My hormones were out of wack making the problem so much worse. I lacked drive and was bored with life. I longed for something exciting to happen. I was waiting around for that next big job, you know, the one that would put me over the top and make me feel like I was winning at life and in business. Anything negative would put me into a spiral, that would often land me in a very dark, depressed state. I was searching for identity and meaning in my work and didn’t find it there. Then it all changed. Let me share with you four things that I did to bring about this positive change.
1. Acknowledge that I needed help. I couldn’t do it on my own, but I needed to be willing to eat some humble pie and admit that I needed someone else to walk with me. We were created for community. We are our strongest when we have community surrounding us, cheering us on, challenging us to go deeper.
2. Hired a business coach. I was becoming aware of the fact that I needed some help with running my business. I felt like I was getting in my own way and needed someone who could see that and help me step out of the way and allow my business to grow. Lena pushes me to take my business to the next level, to dream big and pursue those dreams with passion. We discussed who I would most like to serve and through that I realized that the original goal for my business had become buried in my need to make it profitable. My ultimate passion is to empower women, specifically those in business. This is putting me in a place of needing to pivot from seeing most businesses as potential clients to being more strategic about who I reach out to. One of the best things I learned from her so far is connected to setting goals. As I’ve mentioned in an Instagram post last week, goals scared me especially the big ones that couldn’t be attained overnight. She walked me through needing to take the time to dream BIG, to set those big goals. Then breaking them down into monthly and weekly tasks to attain those goals. This exercise was super helpful and took the paralysis out of acting upon my goals and dreams.
3. Hired a life coach. Quite a while back I signed up for a group coaching session, which has turned into a one-on-one with the facilitator. Looking back I know now why it turned out the way it did, the one-on-one time is what I needed now for this stage of life and it’s been beautiful. We’ve walked through some of what is holding me back from living fully. We discussed who God created me to be. These are still things I’m exploring and asking the Father for more clarity. I’m implementing a time of journaling about goals, expressing thanks, and dreaming into nearly every day.
4. Began taking herbs. This might sound woo-woo to you, but it was absolutely necessary. There’s a friend of mine who does testing and gives herbs to help with a variety of physical ailments. I knew I needed hormone balance as well as help with my adrenals. So I set up an appointment and began taking the herbs she prescribed. Within a week, I began to sleep without help from melatonin or anything else – my adrenals are back to working more normally. I expect to continue to see healing in my body over the next months and am really excited about it.
Nothing has changed, work wise. I still dream of being more busy. But doing these four things has helped me so much in having motivation for each day. It gives me strength to take those baby steps, day after day. They’ve helped me to keep the big picture in mind, to focus on taking the time to work on my business, strengthen it, and continue to work on creating a brand that I originally dreamed of.
Let’s build community around ourselves because in the end we will be stronger for it.
What have you done in the past to get back up after life has knocked you down? Comment below.

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