5 reasons marketing is essential to business growth

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As water is to plants, so marketing is to your business.
Marketing is the process by which potential customers are made aware of a specific brand and product/service. It is essential to the growth of your business.
It’s easy to market heavily when your business is brand new. But when things become busy, it tends to be the first item to fall off the to do list. We get it, your customers’ satisfaction is very important. Your marketing is also very important. When things are the busiest with sales is when you should continue to market, because your sales will decrease at some point. Marketing always has a lag, so when you need those sales the most is when you market the heaviest, only to repeat the cycle of feast and famine. If marketing is done consistently, the highs and lows will become less drastic.
One of the reasons marketing falls off the to do list when things are busy is because you don’t fully understand it’s importance. You’re just trying to survive and marketing will not yell at you for neglecting it (like some people will).


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5 reasons marketing is essential to business growth

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It provides a voice for your business. Without a voice, your ideal customers won’t know you exist. And if they don’t know you exist, they won’t buy from you. If there are no sales, your business will cease to exist.


It builds trust. Building trust is an essential part of growing a business. Without trust, people will not consider you a great option to solve their problems.

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It brings visibility. Being visible is key to business growth. 

To illustrate my point: Eight months ago we moved into our office space in downtown Millersburg. We were a complete remote team up until that point and one of the driving decisions was our need to become more well-known in our local area. Since we moved, we’ve worked with more new clients than at any other time in our 5 years of business. We credit this, in part, to having a physical location.


It provides useful data to enable your continuing marketing efforts. Marketing is based upon the knowledge of your target audience. Using the data you collect from your marketing will enable you to understand more fully exactly what your target customer’s problems are and help you to know how to step up and solve those problems.

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It helps you stay top of mind for your customer. In a saturated market, staying top of mind is key. That way when someone has a problem that you offer a solution to, you will be positioned to be the first company they think of when they need help.

One way to make sure that marketing continues even when you are busy is by hiring a marketing agency to handle the strategy and schedule. This will take a huge load off your mind and get you back to doing what you started your business for in the first place. This can feel like a big financial burden, but any good marketing agency will do their absolute best to increase your ROI (return on investment).

HERE is an excellent blog post about some ways to become consistent with your marketing. 

Here at Inspire Design Co, we make sure to not burden you with all kinds of marketing streams that you don’t want or need. We focus on what is already working for you and expand upon that. If there is something that isn’t working, we pivot. Each business is unique, that’s why we believe strongly that your marketing should be totally customizable.

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