4 tips to creating a sustainable instagram presence

by | Jan 12, 2022 | marketing | 0 comments

Instagram is an overwhelming space, with a ton of information coming at us at any given time of the day. These 4 tips take the pressure off of showing up every minute of the day and focuses more on slowing down and making your presence more potent, rather than diluting it for the sake of posting.

  • Start slow. You will become overwhelmed and give up before ever seeing results. Try posting on Instagram twice a week instead of seven days a week. Quality is more important than quantity. We consume an excessive amount of information each day. Be known as someone who doesn’t waste other’s time and takes time and puts in the effort to channel their energies into a small focused spot on the internet, rather than blasting a large amount of low-quality content.
  • Serve. Put effort into creating content that serves your audience. Make a plan, don’t post just for the sake of posting. Choose a word for your month and use that as a starting point, if that helps. At the beginning of the month, sit down, and write everything that comes to mind when you think of that word. Think of ways to make it personal and relatable. Is there a funny story you can share? Does it bring out beautiful ways you can serve your audience?
  • Show up consistently. Make sure your messaging and your representation of your brand is consistent and easily recognizable. I can not stress this enough! Consistency builds confidence in your audience that you know what you’re talking about. They know who you are and what you are about every time you show up in their feed.
  • Be authentic. Show your humanity, we can all relate to that and are drawn to it. However, there is a balance. Show the messy parts of your life and be aware of the need to process personally before hitting record. Being authentic means to be who you are without trying to be someone else or someone you think others want to see. You are a beautiful human and have value to offer others, as you are.

So there you have it! Following these tips will take the pressure off making your time on the ‘gram so much more enjoyable. You will build an audience that loves you for who you are and for how you serve so beautifully.

Keep showing up, you beautiful soul!

xo, emily