Three ways to make your wedding stationery look expensive without breaking the bank

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I get it:

You want wedding stationery that’s unique and beautiful, but most of the options (gold foil, handmade paper, embossing, hand lettering, etc) you are looking at add too much to the cost.

Following are three ways you can make your wedding stationery look expensive without breaking the bank…

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1) Add a belly-band.

 It’s a sweet way to add beauty and detail to your stationery and it’s practical too, it holds all the different items in your guests’ envelopes together.

This is especially helpful if you have a separate details and rsvp card and envelope for said rsvp card, along with multiple other items. I personally think that belly-bands add nice a finished touch to a set of wedding stationery.

2) Have your designer craft a monogram, just for you.

 A monogram gives your stationery a very custom look and adds so much to make your design stand out from the crowd. I like to think of a monogram as your logo for your wedding. Just like a logo for a business, it should be unique, speak to the style of your wedding and who you are as a couple, and add a touch of class.

3) Less is more!

Choose your stationery design carefully. The more simple it is, if it’s done well, the more high end it will look. Crowding a lot of design elements, along with all the text, could make your stationery set look cluttered and cheap. Going the simple route gives your stationery a classy, expensive feel.

Your wedding stationery should appeal to the senses, specifically sight and touch.

It should have some bulk to it, not flimsy. It should look appealing and exciting, yet classy and depending on your style understated.

My job as your designer is to make sure that you ultimately get the wedding stationery that fits your dreams better than you ever imagined. I’m also here to direct and help you choose a design that not only fits you perfectly but also looks beautiful.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help you!

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